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Headquartered in Florida, USAS is an internationally-recognised accreditation body that provides oversight, technical competence and integrity accreditation for organisations offering certification services.
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What sets USAS apart?

USAS is a world leader in independent third-party accreditation and the adoption of new technologies. As a founding member of the IAFDC (International Accreditation For Digital Certification), we are responsible for developing digital certification in alignment with IAFDC guidelines.

Our accreditation services are specifically designed for certification companies who wish to offer digital certification.

Our primary goal is to enhance efficiency and integrity whilst reducing costs and the environmental impact of accreditation.
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If you are a forward-thinking certification company looking to reduce costs and your environmental footprint, you’re in the right place – apply for USAS accreditation today!
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If you are not a certification company and you’re looking for ISO certification, visit (please note that you will leave this website).
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Working with Industry

We help certification bodies to offer their services to a wide variety of industries. Digital certification is incredibly versatile, and thus should be a suitable choice for virtually any organisation in any given sector.
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Working with Governments

We are lobbying and working with government organisations worldwide to promote the benefits of USAS accreditation for digital certification. This new approach to accreditation offers many benefits.
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Pioneering New Technology

USAS specialise in providing accreditation for organisations who wish to offer digital certification. Certifying online saves time and money, and it even helps to reduce carbon emissions (since you won’t need to travel to your client’s premises!).
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Digital Certification Saves The Environment!

By taking 25 auditors off the road

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By taking 25 auditors off the road, USAS has reduced the carbon footprint of certification bodies by 185 metric tonnes of CO2e per annum.
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If you’d like to find out more about USAS and how we can help your certification company to get accredited, please contact us today.