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The introduction of remote auditing, driven through devices such as smartphones and tablets, has been a game-changer for the auditing world. Devices that facilitate e-signatures can help to collect and securely process data such as images, videos, GPS coordinates and even voice messages as electronic evidence of an audit, making the life of a typical on-site auditor much easier.

Here are just some of the benefits of remote auditing:

  • Save time through faster, automatic and value-added audits.

  • Simplify audits, enhancing the reliability of evidence-recording with mobile devices.

  • Increase corporate governance, business performance and operational efficiency through a robust and cost-effective method of audits and risk mitigation.

  • Increase business productivity by removing the need for manual spreadsheets and printed reports.

The main benefits of remote auditing are centred around cost flexibility. Auditors will incur fewer costs through every remote audit they conduct, such as travel expenses and billable hours. This is particularly advantageous in competitive environments and industries, where remote auditing provides the opportunity to share these savings with the company while maintaining profitability goals. On-site audits still hold value, albeit they will be conducted less regularly and will be much better organised, facilitating quicker collaborative resolutions.

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